Pianist Plays John Lennon's 'Imagine' Near Paris Concert Hall Where 87 Were Slaughtered

Touching video shows a pianist playing the peaceful pop classic in honor of the over 100 slain in Friday's terrorist attack.

Touching video taken Saturday in the wake of the attacks on Paris captured a pianist honoring the dead and advocating for peace with a classic song.

The musician, who many believe to be the German-born pianist Davide Martello, rolled up on a bike to a piano set up near the French capital's Bataclan theater and, to the joy of reporters and passersby alike, began playing John Lennon's "Imagine."

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The choice of venue and song were no coincidence. Over 80 concert attendees were slaughtered Friday inside the popular theater and the John Lennon hit urges listeners to imagine a world marked by peace instead of the strife that scarred Paris and the world just one night before.

At least 127 were killed Friday when attackers with guns and bombs showed up to at least six sites across the city including the Bataclan, a soccer stadium and a busy street lined with trendy cafes.

This would not be Martello's first time soothing people with his music during tense situations.

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In May 2013, Martello arrived to Istanbul's Gezi Park during mass protests there. He showed up with a three-man team and a grand piano on a trailer, the New York Times reported in June of that year.

As some 1,500 people gathered around to hear the then unknown pianist play, Martello told them he was on a self-directed world tour with a mission "to inspire politicians through music." 

While in Turkey for the protests, Martello reportedly played for 14 straight hours.

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