$1.3 Million Bottle of Vodka - Made of Gold, Silver and Diamonds - Stolen From Danish Bar

The owner of Cafe 33 released surveillance footage of the masked intruder getting away with the bottle.

Talk about an expensive taste.

A Danish thief got away with the world’s most expensive bottle of vodka, which is worth about $1.3 million.

The masked intruder was caught on surveillance footage scouring Café 33 in Copenhagen before dashing off with the bottle.

The bottle of Russo-Baltique, believed to be the world’s most expensive vodka, is made of nearly seven pounds of gold, seven pounds of silver and has a diamond-encrusted cap.

According to the bar owner, Brian Ingberg, the bottle was on loan from a Russian businessman and was not insured.

Authorities said nothing else was stolen, and they are unsure whether the perpetrator broke in or had a key.