Man Arrives Home to Find a Zombie Passed Out in His Chair

Police say a Denver man arrived home the day after Halloween to find his neighbor passed out drunk while wearing zombie makeup.

A Denver man who arrived home the day after Halloween was shocked to find a man wearing zombie makeup passed out drunk in a chair, police say.

A resident of the city's trendy RiNO neighborhood got to his apartment November 1 and found his home trashed and the man identified as Dane Clark asleep, police say.

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"The unknown suspect was sleeping on the victim’s couch. When the victim contacted the suspect, the suspect menaced him with a large knife,” said a police statement. “The victim ran out of the house and called the police.”

Clark, 29, lived in the same building and police say he'd been drinking heavily at his birthday party when he lost control and left.

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According to CBS Denver, police say that Clark was too intoxicated to even speak to them when he was picked up later that day.

He was charged with felony menacing. It's unclear if Clark has yet entered a plea.

According to CBS Denver, Clark's family says he'll spend a month in rehab for alcohol abuse and is being evicted from his apartment.

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