Verdict in Connecticut Murder Trial Comes In

In the trial that has captured the nation's attention, Steven Hayes has been found guilty of murdering the Petit family mother and two daughters. INSIDE EDITION has the latest update.

News of the 16 guilty verdicts for murder, rape, robbery and other crimes, were broadcast live. Now, Steven Hayes faces the death penalty.

The sole survivor of the massacre, Dr. William Petit, said it was a bittersweet victory.

"There is some relief, but my family is still gone. It doesn't bring them back. It doesn't bring back the home that we had," said Dr. Petit.

His father-in-law, pastor Richard Hawke, also spoke moments after the jury returned, saying, "Justice is being served and we appreciate the support of all the people who have been behind us through this particular time."

The jury took only four hours to sift through three weeks of gruesome testimony that has riveted the nation. It included videotape of Jennifer Hawke-Petit being forced to withdraw $15,000 from a bank while her family was held hostage.

Surveillance images showed Steven Hayes buying gasoline used to torch the Petit home. And horrific pictures showed the aftermath inside the incinerated home.

Dr. Petit was asked how he listened to the disturbing evidence day after day.

Dr. Petit repsonded with, "If your family was destroyed by evil, I think that you would all try to do the same thing and be there for your family."