Crews Discover Hundreds of Bodies Under British Tram Line

About 277 bodies were discovered following an excavation for a tram line in England.

A mass grave that contains the remains of at least 277 people have been uncovered from under a tram system in Manchester, England.

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Construction crews were working on an expansion to the Metrolink in the city center where they discovered the burial site that is believed to be from the 18th century, according to reports.

The final count of how many were buried there has yet to be confirmed. Archeologists covered the area with a tent and studied the remains.

“This is the most amazing piece of history,” Manchester City Council spokesperson Pat Karney told Manchester Evening News.

"The fact that twice the number of bodies had to be taken out just shows how historically important it is -- as well as explaining the complications of putting a new tram line into the city center.”

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The local chapel, Cross Street Chapel, will hold a service sometime next year to reinter the bodies and remains that were found.

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