Heartwarming Moment Adopted Boy With One Hand Meets His New One-Armed Grandfather

A four-year-old boy with just one arm who was adopted recently from Kazakhstan has a found friend in his new grandfather who also happens to have one arm.

A heartwarming photo has emerged of the moment a newly adopted Kazakh boy who has one hand met his new grandfather, who also happens to have just one arm.

Doug and Lesley Facey, from Paradise, Newfoundland, had been in the drawn-out process of adopting Kirill from Kazakhstan since 2012. In September, they finally became the four-year-old boy's parents.

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Soon after that, after bringing Kirill back to Canada, the Faceys introduced him to Doug's father, Chris. 

"When they met Kirill realized he wasn't the only one in the world missing a hand. They have a special bond due to that," Doug told INSIDE EDITION.

According to Doug, they did the "stump bump" immediately after meeting. A photo from the introduction shows Chris holding out his stump for Kirill to feel with his hand.

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"They always do a 'stump bump' when they see each other," Doug said.

"Other than that, it's only just two months we've been back so they are still getting to know each other while Kirill settles in to life in Canada. However, he does love to visit Grampy at the office."

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