See Woman Escape With Her Life After Paris Attacker's Gun Jams in Cafe

Surveillance footage of the attack on a Paris restaurant has emerged.

Surveillance footage of the very first moments of the terrorist attacks in Paris has emerged.

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In the video, glass flies everywhere as panicked patrons dive under tables and run for cover while the merciless terrorist sprayed the restaurant with bullets.

The video was obtained exclusively by

In one heart-stopping moment, a terrorist stands over a defenseless woman and points his AK-47 at her head - but the gun appears to jam. He then walks away and the woman flees to safety.

Inside the restaurant, another terrified and wounded woman hides under the restaurant bar where the bartender cradles her in her arms. The brave bartender then peers over the bar to locate the terrorist and the wounded woman runs for the basement.

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Cops have reportedly identified the terrorist in the surveillance video as Salah Abdeslam, the attacker who escaped and remains at large.

Somehow, no one inside the restaurant was killed in the attack. One woman was shot in the wrist.

But in other coordinated attacks across the city, 129 people lost their lives and 99 others were critically injured.

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