Female Suicide Bomber Pictured as Her 'Ringleader' Cousin is Confirmed Dead

The supposed ringleader behind the attacks on Paris has been confirmed dead.

The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks is dead, French prosecutors have confirmed.

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They say Abdelhamid Abaaoud was positively identified through DNA tests. He died in a shootout with police during a raid in the city on Wednesday.

The first image of his cousin, who detonated a suicide vest during the raid, has also emerged. She was reportedly heard screaming "help me!" at cops right before she blew herself up.

Her nickname was reportedly "The Cowgirl" because she loved wearing cowboy hats and was a "booze-loving extrovert," according to reports.

Police fired more than 5,000 rounds of ammunition during the battle, which unfolded just north of Paris. The standoff lasted seven terrifying hours.

On Wednesday, French President Francois Hollande praised the bravery of law enforcement in his country after declaring war on the terrorists.

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Hollande told a group of French mayors: “It is the entire country that's been attacked, for what it represents, the fight we are leading to eradicate terrorism. And simply for what we are."

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