Spiritual Bookstore Vandalized Because It's Named Isis

A Colorado bookstore became the target of vandals because of its name.

A spiritual bookstore in Colorado named Isis Books and Gifts was vandalized in the wake of the Paris attacks.

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Owner Jeff Harrison says he wants the world to know that the store was named after the Egyptian goddess of healing and motherhood and not after the terrorist organization. Nor is it run by the group, he says.

The store, which is outside of Denver in Englewood, has been in the same location for three decades. But only recently has the store been a target for vandals.

Isis Books and Gifts took to their Facebook page to explain the situation.

Owner Jeff Harrison told CBS News in Denver: “People throwing rocks in our sign, that just happened recently; throwing paint on our sign and our front door and smashing out the front door.”

Even though the recent vandalism has been a stain on the store’s property, Jeff, how owns the store with his wife Karen, insist they are not changing the name.

“Why not change the name? We feel the name is such a powerful name of healing and life we don’t want to give in and change it because of a bunch of idiots,” he said.

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Inside the store are images of peace and books on healing, which counters the ISIS terrorist group’s philosophy.

“We feel it’s important to hold on to it and not give in to purveyors of death,” he said.

He also told The Huffington Post that despite the damage, business has been good and “actually on the uptick.”

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