Daughter is Found Guilty of Killing 96-Year-Old Mother Then Saying: 'I Killed the B****'

Christine Reynolds, 72, said that her elderly mom often told her she was a horrible person.

A 72-year-old woman has been convicted of shooting dead her 96-year-old mother and then telling her brother: "I killed the b****."

Christine Reynolds was found guilty of first-degree murder in Orange County Superior Court in Santa Ana, California on Thursday and faces life in prison when she is sentenced next month.

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She was accused of retrieving a 9 mm handgun from her car in August 2014 before approaching her elderly mom, Gretchen DeStefano, in a recliner and shooting her in the head, the Associated Press reported.

Reynolds' 62-year-old brother ran into the room and found her standing near the body with a gun in her hand.

"She looks at him and says 'I killed the b****,'" Deputy District Attorney Keith Burke told jurors. "She didn't say she was sorry. She didn't say it was an accident. Didn't express any remorse that he could see."

Reynolds called 911 after the shooting.

"Listen, I just shot my mother," she told the dispatcher. "I think she’s dead, and now I’m going to shoot myself, OK."

After she was taken into custody, Reynolds reportedly told authorities that her mother often told her she was a horrible person.

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Attorneys said the pair had bickered for years. Reynolds, who had moved in with her mother and brother a year before the shooting, testified that she had bought the gun to kill herself.

Reynolds' public defender said she was drunk on vodka at the time and unaware of what she was doing.

But jurors deliberated for only a few hours before finding her guilty. Reynolds was calm as the verdict was read, the OCRegister reported. None of her family members were in court.

Her sentencing is scheduled for December 18. She faces a maximum of 50 years to life.

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