In Eagles of Death Metal's First Interview, Singer Reveals Fan Survived By Hiding Under His Jacket

Speaking for the first time since the attacks in Paris, Eagles of Death Metal discussed the massacre inside their Bataclan concert.

For the first time since an attack at their concert at Le Bataclan, Eagles of Death Metal are speaking out about the tragedy that killed 89 people inside the venue.

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Trembling and speaking with a cracked voice, Eagles of Death Metal co-founder and singer Jesse Hughes sat next to bandmate and fellow co-founder Josh Homme, who was not at the concert, and recalled the events to Shane Smith of VICE.

In a preview clip posted online, Hughes said how one person survived by hiding under his leather jacket.

“Several people were hid in our dressing room. The killers were able to get in and killed everyone of them accept for a kid that was hiding under my leather jacket,” Hughes said.

Homme, who also sings in Queens of the Stone Age, didn’t say anything in the clip, but like his friend, was visibly stunned as to the tale of what occurred as he recounted everything inside a bar. 

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“People were playing dead and they were so scared,” Hughes recalled. “A great reason why so many were killed is because so many people wouldn’t leave their friends. So, so many people put themselves in front of people.”

The full interview will air on next week.

Following the attack in Paris, Eagles of Death Metal comrades, Foo Fighters are giving away a free EP called Saint Cecila to fans.

In an open letter to listeners, singer Dave Grohl wrote: "Even in the smallest way, perhaps these songs can bring a little light into this sometimes dark world. To remind us that music is life, and that hope and healing go hand in hand with song. That much can never be taken away."

He added: "To all who were affected by the atrocities in Paris, loved ones and friends, our hearts go out to you and your families. We will return and celebrate life and love with you once again someday with our music. As it should be done."

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