Dog Accidentally Shoots Hunter After Stepping on the Trigger of His Gun

A man was hunting in France when his dog accidentally knocked the gun he was using to the ground and shot him.

A dog accidentally shot his owner on a hunting trip after knocking over his gun and stepping on the trigger, according to reports.

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The 61-year-old man, who has not been identified, was on a hunting trip in France when the mishap occurred.

"The hunter had set his rifle against a tree and went to collect a woodcock he had just shot," the mayor of Mesplede, Regis Cassaroume, where the man had been hunting, told AFP.

After the gun went off, he was taken to a hospital for gunshot wounds. French magazine The Local said the hunter was struck with lead pellets in the hand and forearm.

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According to The Local, there have been a slew of hunting accidents in France since the season started in September.

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