Sixth Graders Knitted Dozens of Mittens For Koalas Burned in Brush Fires

A group of sixth graders sewed dozens of mittens for koalas burned in brush fires.

A group of sixth graders in Florida made dozens of mittens for koala brush fire victims.

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After devastating fires in Australia in early 2015, the International Fund for Animal Welfare asked people to knit simple cotton mittens to cover the burnt paws of the injured koalas.

Koalas move very slowly and have difficulty escaping blazes without serious injury.

The sixth grade students at Gulliver Academy’s International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme sewed sets of mittens for koalas to help the team prepare for the upcoming brush fire season.

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The design students sewed the mittens following the specifications provide by the IFAW. Then boxed them up and sent them to the land down under.

The mittens will be put to good use, as record heat in Australia is putting the country at risk of an intense fire season that is reportedly picking up again.

Trevor Tasker, a firefighter in South Western Australia told the New York Times: “It is going to be a horror summer. I have never seen conditions like this.” 

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