Brave Cop Told Trapped Workers: 'I'll Take A Bullet Before You Do'

Dramatic cell phone video has emerged from the shooting in San Bernardino.

During the San Bernardino massacre, a cop led workers from Inland Regional Center while unsure where the shooters were.

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Once the scene was cleared, those inside were led to safety and the officer reassured the employees by saying: “I'll take a bullet before you do. That's for damn sure. Just be cool, OK?”

The officer's bravery was captured on cell phone footage by Gabi Flores, who works as a customer services coordinator at the center, and shared with KPCC. It shows the cop leading workers along a hallway with their hands raised as he checks the area is safe.

Other dramatic scenes were captured on cell phone video. Nurses at the Inland Regional Center saw cops moving in on their building and at first reportedly thought it was just a drill.

Other workers hid in fear, not knowing where the shooters were heading next.

A wife trapped inside a dramatic text to her husband: “There's a shooter @ work."

Her husband responded: “Where r u at, r cops there? R u safe?”

“Locked in an office with 3 other people. I love you,” she replied.

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There was another heart-wrenching text from a desperate young woman to her father. “Dad shooting at my work. Shot people. In office waiting for cops to catch him,” she said.

He wrote back: “Hide. Find a good spot. Hide now.”

“I am but we are locked in an office. Pray for us,” she replied.

Fourteen people were killed in the shooting spree and 21 others were injured. The two killers, a husband and wife, died during a police shootout on Wednesday evening.

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