The Hi-Tech Weapons, Tactics Police Used to Stop San Bernardino Shooters

From a robot with night vision cameras to a new armored vehicle, INSIDE EDITION looks at the devices used to secure the scene.

Security expert Wally Zeins analyzed the SWAT strategies that were used to corner the killers of the San Bernardino massacre for INSIDE EDITION.

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“The vehicles coming in to box in the car that was used in the crime is called a Bearcat,” he said. “They're trucks that are heavily armor plated also the windows are total rubber if they are shot out they won't collapse.”

A new anti-terror weapon, an armored vehicle called The Rook, was front and center as the drama in California unfolded.

The vehicle minimizes risk as officers approach a target and can be used as a battering ram to tear buildings apart.

The Rook can also place an assault team on a roof to launch a hostage rescue.

Shaun Mitchell sold the rook to the San Bernardino Police just a few months ago.

“The rook is a chess piece, when it shows up – checkmate,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

“It can actually drive inside a house, tear a house down, go inside a mall, it can go inside schools, run the hallways, climb stairs," he said. "It's just so versatile; it can go where just about anything else can't go. It can go where you can't even walk.”

San Bernardino Police were on The Rook and used a metal pole to probe the SUV that the mass shooters were driving.

Zeins said they were “checking the body” and “checking some of the weapons that might be inside. They'll try to retrieve that weapon.”

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Cops also turned to hi-tech devices when they raided the killers' home.

They used a battering ram with a camera to smash through a window, as a robot equipped with night vision cameras and other sensitive equipment entered the house first.

“It has a TV camera that can come in come out it has claws so that there is an explosive and it also has a shotgun,” Zeins said.

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