Muslim Americans Fear Backlash After Shooting: 'I'm Scared to Wear My Hijab in Public'

Muslims across the country responded with outrage following the killings in San Bernardino.

There are concerns that the terror attack in San Bernardino will lead to a backlash against Muslim Americans.

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Many American Muslims attended Thursday night's candlelight vigil at a local baseball stadium in San Bernardino for the victims. Afterwards, they received hugs from strangers who belong to other religious faiths.

The largest mosque in San Bernardino County held a prayer vigil to deplore the massacre.

A  Muslim said, “One of the girls told me, ‘I’m scared to wear my hijab anymore in public.’ That should not be the case. That should not be the case in the United States of America.”

Speaking about incident abroad, Donald Trump told Fox News that families of terrorists should not be spared.

“I say, take 'em out. Take 'em out. They supposedly don't care about their lives and I say they're chicken and they do care about their lives. But they care about their families' lives.”

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani wondered whether fears of racial profiling prevented neighbors from calling cops about suspicious activities at the house where the terror couple lived.

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