Woman Arrested After Boyfriend's Corpse Was Found Rotting on Her Porch: Cops

Tammy Shereese Wright-Conner was arrested Thursday after her boyfriend's decomposing corpse was allegedly discovered on her porch.

A Florida woman was charged last week after police say they discovered the corpse of man decomposing on her porch last spring.

Police in Jacksonville charged Tammy Shereese Wright-Conner, 41, on Thursday after the discovery of the body of 48-year-old Ronald Trotter on her porch June 10.

Trotter's body was found on the rickety porch after neighbors noticed a stench, writes the Associated PressWright-Conner has been in jail since July on an unrelated charge.

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Wright-Conner was charged based on the statements of witnesses, cellphone tracking that showed she was near the house in early June and other forensic evidence, Lt. Steve Gallaher with the Jacksonville Sheriff's office told the Florida Times-Union.

An autopy showed Trotter, who was reported missing by his wife on May 30, was killed by a shotgun blast.

His wife, who reportedly knew about the affair, told police she believed he'd gone to Wright-Conner's home after she and Trotter had a fight. According to Gallaher, Trotter's wife told police she believed Wright-Conner was involved in her husband's disappearance.

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Trotter's corpse was discovered sealed inside a porch, where air fresheners and cleaners were used to try to mask the odor, according to the Times-Union.

When first questioned in June, Wright-Conner claimed she hadn't seen Trotter in weeks. At least one person allegedly told police Wright-Conner had asked for help moving Trotter's body.

Wright-Conner has been charged with murder. A call to her court appointed attorney went unanswered on Sunday.

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