New Photo Shows San Bernardino Shooters Entering America as Newlyweds

A new photo of the San Bernardino terrorist couple has emerged, as well as a voice mail from Syed Farook.

A newly-obtained photograph shows the faces of the San Bernardino terrorists when they arrived as newlyweds in America.

A surveillance photo shared by ABC News shows the couple arriving at Chicago O'Hare in July 2014. The wife, Tashfeen Malik, stared directly into the camera, she had apparently been ordered by U.S. authorities to remove her hijab that covered her face. Her new husband, Syed Farook, stood right behind her as they passed through immigration.

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Another new photo shows Malik from her Pakistani national ID card before she moved to Saudi Arabia where she was reportedly radicalized.

Both suspected shooters were radicalized and had "been for quite some time," the FBI said on Monday. David Bowdich, assistant director at the FBI's Los Angeles bureau, said that how they became radicalized is still under investigation, and it is still not clear which of the two was in control.

Syed Farook's voice has also been heard for the first time in his voicemail, which said: “Sayed Farook is not available.

Chaz Harrison, who knew Syed since college told CBS News: “Syed was a talker. A lot of people think he was very quiet. I didn't get that impression of him. He was very confident when he talked. There was times when we walked out of work, in the morning, I couldn't get him to stop talking."

He added: “Syed didn't want to be in the United States because he told me that him paying taxes was helping the United States support basically the war on Islam. The war on Muslims.”

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Harrison also shed light on the fact that Syed never spoke about his wife and how he wanted to move to Dubai. Harrison said that he never heard Syed discuss wanting to hurt Americans.

“Syed's thing was he had to leave here because he couldn't live here. He never talked about harming Americans... He couldn't be here and practice his religion the way I felt like maybe he wanted to,” he said.

Police raided the home of another of Syed's friends, Enrique Marquez, who bought the high powered weapons legally which were used in the terror attacks. Marquez, who is not a suspect, was not home.

He has reportedly checked himself into a mental health facility.

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