Charlie Sheen's Ex-Fiancee: He Choked Me Like a Rag Doll

Scottine Ross tells INSIDE EDITION that the actor was physically abusive to her when they were engaged.

Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancee Scottine Ross claims the star physically abused her when they were engaged.

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She told INSIDE EDITION: "He pushed me, attempted to punch me, choked me like a rag doll."

Ross says Sheen would lock her in a room next to their bedroom.

"He would lock me in there and berate me in there so I wouldn't escape,” she said.

The former porn actress outlines the alleged abuse in a lawsuit just filed against the actor. She even says Sheen pointed an unloaded gun at her when she was driving his car.

Ross' lawsuit also accuses the actor of negligently exposing her to HIV virus. She says she only found out when she discovered HIV meds in the medicine cabinet.

She said: "It was prescribed to his pseudonym and it said Truvada and I was shocked.”

Ross sat on the information, not confronting Sheen, but he ultimately came clean to her.

“He was sad,” she said. “He made me believe."

Ross says she had intimate relations with the actor before she discovered he was HIV positive. She claims that she got pregnant but Sheen forced her to get an abortion.

“He said he didn't want to have a child with his blood type,” she claims.

Ross became emotional as she talked about why she went ahead with the abortion, saying: “I could have kept the baby, but I didn't want to have a child and be alone."

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Not long ago, videotape surfaced of Ross setting fire to memories from her time with Sheen, including photos and love letters. Their engagement lasted only eight months.

Ross says she is frightened of Sheen declaring: “I’m afraid Charlie Sheen will end my life."

Sheen's attorneys deny any wrongdoing on the actor's part and say they have witnesses who will dispute all of Ms. Ross' claims.   

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