Cops: Suspected Drug Dealer Flees Police, Manages to Get a Haircut Before Arrest

Sidrick Marquits Verner reportedly found time to get a haircut while being sought by cops.

Perhaps this alleged drug dealer was thinking about looking good for his mugshot when he reportedly stopped for a haircut while being pursued by police.

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Sidrick Marquits Verner, 27, reportedly fled from cops after failing to signal on a lane change in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to reports. While being chased, he drove into an apartment complex and reportedly stopped to get a haircut, according to reports. 

Once police spotted his vehicle in the complex, a witness told them a man had entered the apartments and showed them where he was hiding, according to Tulsa World

Police called out Verner’s name and he exited the apartment, according to reports. He was then taken into custody.

Cops noted that he “sported a freshly clipped head with extremely short hair,” even though he reportedly had a “large amount of hair” when police say he ran from his car.

He was busted on many accounts, including eluding police after a felony conviction, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction and failure to stop for a red light and speeding, according to jail records. Cops say they also found marijuana inside his car.

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He also had arrest warrant out for an improper pedestrian crossing charge, according to jail records.

He is being held on $35,800 bail. He is due in court on the crossing charge on Wednesday and will appear for the remaining charges next week, jail records show.

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