Burt Reynolds: Charlie Sheen is Getting What He Deserves

The actor's remarks about Sheen's HIV diagnosis have sparked anger online.

Burt Reynolds had a shocking comment when asked about Charlie Sheen’s HIV diagnosis.

"I don't feel bad for him," Reynolds told a British talk show. "He's getting what he deserves."

He continued: “He deserved it, he misbehaved.”

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But Reynolds says he does feel sorry for Charlie’s father, Martin.

"His father is a very, very decent man and a dear friend of mine. I feel bad for him,” he said.

His comments come even though Reynolds was once the subject of a hurtful rumor that he had HIV because of his weight loss.

Meanwhile, Sheen is fighting back against his ex-fiancee, who appeared on INSIDE EDITION denouncing the man she once loved.

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In a just-filed lawsuit, Scottine Ross claims Sheen abused, imprisoned and kept his HIV status a secret from her.

On Monday, Sheen filed court papers claiming she “was well aware of his medical condition, and fails to mention that she was the one who insisted upon having unprotected sex.”

Sheen denies any wrongdoing and calls her an "extortionist" saying in the court papers that “nearly a year into their relationship, [she] revealed her true self: a woman motivated by greed and consumed with jealously.”

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