Man Discovers His Grandparents' 100-Year-Old Wedding Cake In a Hatbox in His Garage

Ronald Warninger was cleaning out his garage in Yakima, Washington when he found the wedding cake from 1915.

A Washington man got a sweet surprise while cleaning out his garage recently... but he'd need teeth of steel to indulge in it.

Ronald Warninger, 67, opened a hatbox last month to find the wedding cake his grandparents saved after their wedding in 1915.

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Though hard as a rock and seemingly quite brittle, the 100-year-old pastry appears totally intact.

While the supernatural integrity of the cake was a shock, Warninger told INSIDE EDITION that he knew it was around his Yakima home... somewhere.

"It was in a hatbox," he explained. "It's petrified... It is hollow."

Warninger's father was the last person to have the ancestral cake. Warninger guesses his dad, who passed away in 2011, took the cake out of his freezer sometime in the 1990s.

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"When it thawed, it didn't need to be frozen anymore," he said. But once the top was placed on the hat box, "it disappeared."

Now, inedible and hard as porcelain, the cake is a family keepsake--one his 36-year-old daughter plans to take one day.

So what does Warninger plan to do with the cake for now? Not put it on display, he said.

"I'll probably just keep it in storage," he told INSIDE EDITION.

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