8-Year Old Girl Badly Burned in Deadly Arson Fire Only Wants Holiday Cards This Christmas

Safyre Terry's adopted family brought home a card tree in preparation for the holidays, and now she's determined to fill it with 100 cards.

An eight-year-old girl who suffered excruciating burns in a deadly arson fire has just one wish this holiday season: to receive enough cards to fill her Christmas tree.

Safyre Terry's adopted family brought home a card tree in preparation for the holidays, and she was immediately determined to fill it with 100 cards. Although her aunt and guardian Liz Dolder was initially skeptical they could reach the goal, she posted an appeal to Facebook and cards soon came flooding in.

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The community has been incredibly supportive of Safyre since the May 2013 fire, when she lost her entire family.

Her father, younger sister and two toddler brothers all passed away in the blaze in Schnectady, New York. The blaze, which was reportedly arson, remains unsolved.

Her father had shielded her from the fire, yet Safyre still suffered burns on 75 percent of her body, Dolder told Buzzfeed. Three months after the fire, she lost her right hand, and last March, Safyre lost her left foot.

The little girl has since had more than 50 surgeries, and continues to undergo skin graft operations, the New York Daily News reports.

Today, she lives with Dolder, her husband and their twins in nearby Rotterdam, New York.

After the brought the card tree home, Dolder turned to the Facebook group Safyre Schenectady Super Survivor with a plea for Christmas cards addressed to Safyre - and the community responded in overwhelming support.

Within days, cards flooded their home, carrying messages like: “You are a beautiful girl, and deserve all the happiness in the world.”

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“When our first Christmas card came in, it was like you handed this girl the world,” Dolder told the New York Daily News. “It’s magical.”

As of Tuesday night, four dozen cards have arrived, and the family expects many more.

If you want to send Safyre a card, address it to her at:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306, USA

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