San Bernardino Shooters Were Radicalized Before They Started Dating

The couple talked about martyrdom before they married, the FBI said.

The San Bernardino terrorist couple was a match made in Hell.

FBI Director James Comey said at a Senate hearing: “They were actually radicalized before they started dating or courting each other online ... as early as the end of 2013 they were talking to each other about Jihad or martyrdom before they were engaged, then married, and lived together in the United States.”

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Syed Farook's friend, Enrique Marquez, who bought the rifles used in the massacre, is coming under increasing scrutiny.

“We are also working very hard to understand whether there was anybody else involved with assisting them with supporting them with equipping them,” Comey said.

Marquez lives next door to the house where Farook used to live. He reportedly converted to Islam, and attended the same mosque as Syed. He has not been named a suspect or charged. 

Before checking into a mental hospital right after the massacre Marquez he posted a bizarre message on Facebook: “I'm very sorry guys. It was a pleasure.”

There is also information that Syed and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, might have scoped other potential targets. Investigators found a photo of a high school near San Bernardino on Syed’s cell phone.

More about Syed’s family is coming to light. His older brother, Raheel, was allegedly involved in a domestic violence incident last Saturday. Police were called but he was not charged.

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In another development, Syed’s father and mother have been placed on a terrorist watch list to prevent them leaving the country.

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