Expectant Couple Finds Out Gender of Their Baby By Hitting Powder-Filled Baseball

Monique Tello and Steven Statter thought up a creative gender reveal.

A California couple hit it out of the ballpark when they decided to reveal the sex of their unborn baby with a baseball-themed unveiling party.

Expectant mom Monique Tello threw a baseball to her beau Steven Statter and when he smacked it back, it exploded in a whirlwind of pink powder.

"Pregnancy is usually about the female," Tello told INSIDE EDITION. "I wanted him to be a part of it."

Tello explained that she had no idea they were expecting a baby girl. A nurse wrote "girl" on an ultrasound image, which Tello handed to her sister, who organized the powdered-filled baseball.

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Of Statter, she added: "We're both big Dodgers fans, although he's more into baseball than I am."

So Tello booked the field, and filled the stands with their friends and family. She invited attendees to wear pink or blue, according to their guess of the baby's sex.

Images taken by David Swayze Photography capture the couple's joy as the ball bursts.

Statter also has a 14-year-old son, who was unable to attend the reveal, but Tello said that he is looking forward to having a little sister.

She told INSIDE EDITION that her reason for calling her unborn baby girl "a miracle" is two-fold. She and Statter had discovered they were pregnant amidst her battle with brain cancer.

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The doctors realized she was pregnant just as she was preparing to undergo a second surgery.

“My doctors knew that I wanted a baby,” Tello laughed. “We weren’t trying but we weren’t doing anything to not have a baby!”

For now, Tello has paused all further treatments for cancer.

“I’m a little nervous but I’m looking at it more positively,” she said. “This happened for a reason, and she’s a blessing.”

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