Heartbroken Relatives Pay Tribute to San Bernardino Victim at Her Funeral: 'She Was Our Soulmate'

Yvette Velasco was laid to rest following last week's massacre in San Bernardino.

Loved ones said their final farewells to 27-year-old Yvette Velasco, one of the 14 San Bernardino massacre victims, at her funeral on Thursday.

Yvette was the first victim to be laid to rest and those who eulogized her, from her father and sisters to her co-workers, described her the same way: a person with big heart and a beautiful smile.

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"Her mission on earth was complete and god called her back home," said her father, a recently retired California highway patrol officer. A long honor line of officers were there for support.

One of her three sisters, Erica Porteous, said: “She was more than our sister, she was our soulmate.”

Father Gonzalez, a priest at her family's church, told INSIDE EDITION how close the family is.

"I have high hopes for them," he said.

Her family chose to remember her on the side of a hill because of her love of nature. Velasco was laid to rest a week and a day after she was gunned down while attending a holiday party at work.

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Velasco had spent five years working her way up at the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. She had recently passed the exam to become a state registered environmental health specialist and at the party, she was going to receive a gold star badge recognizing her achievement.

In San Bernardino, FBI scuba divers are searching a lake near the site of the massacre. Witnesses told investigators that the shooters, Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, went there after the killings and just before their own deadly shootout with police.

Divers are hoping to find the hard drive missing from the terrorists' computer.

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