Video Highlights the Plight of 'Instagram Husbands' Forced to Take Photos of Their Wives

Ever wonder why some women's Instagram accounts have all these perfectly composited photos plastered everywhere?

Ever wonder why some women’s Instagram accounts have such flawless photos? Apparently, some of the shots are taken by their long-suffering husbands. 

“I am an Instagram Husband," said Jeff Houghton in a new spoof video on YouTube. "Behind every cute girl on Instagram is a guy like me, and a brick wall."

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The hilarious video now going viral was made by "The Mystery Hour, a late night talk show in Springfield, Missouri. The nearly three-minute video shows several situations where the husband is forced to take photos of their wife. 

From getting the angle of the shot from high above, to a close up of their shoes in the middle of a road, to steaming hot lattes in a coffee shop, it shows how men go to great lengths to get that perfect image. 

Photos of food even need to be captured. Instead of just diving in to those delicious treats like doughnuts, the video points out, “Now we just take pictures of it.”

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No need for a supportive, loving or caring husband anymore. The only quality necessary these days is being able to hit the capture button on a smartphone camera. 

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