Mom is Still Best Friends With the Woman Who Accidentally Ran Over Her Toddler Daughter

Brynn Johnson tells INSIDE EDITION she felt her own guilt after Cassie Miller killed her daughter.

There are times when the guilt knocks Cassie Miller into sobs. 

Not only did she accidentally run over a 17-month-old girl while backing out of her driveway, the child she killed was the daughter of her best friend.

The pain is especially bad when friend Brynn Johnson speaks of how she forgave Miller. 

“It was like, ‘I love you, I don’t blame you, we are going to get through this,’’’ Johnson said on Inside Edition.

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Rowyn, below, was a sweet girl who liked to share her toys with everyone, her mother says

Sitting next to her, Miller began to sob. “When the one person who you could totally understand (if) they hated you forever …” she broke off.

“Do you want me to get you a tissue?” Johnson asked.

“I’m OK,” Miller replied.

The two remain best friends.

Miller said she was driving away from her home near Seattle when she pulled forward “and it was my back left tire, I felt the bump,” she said.

But Johnson says she feels guilty, because she was distracted inside her family’s house and hadn’t realized that little Rowyn had walked outside.

“I go to my daughter’s grave every day and apologize because I’m so sorry she passed under my care,” she said.

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Together, the women have founded Raise for Rowyn, which sells merchandise to raise money for parents dealing with the loss of a child.

Johnson, a year after Rowyn’s death, has been given the gift of hope, she said.

She has a newborn daughter, Mynrow.

“Even though I still (feel) the pain of not having Rowyn here, I know she sent me this prefect little gift,” she said, looking down at her new baby.

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