Technician Dies After Being Sucked Into Airplane's Engine

A man was killed instantly when he was sucked into the engine of an airplane.

Officials are investigating the death of a technician who was killed when he was sucked into an airplane engine at an airport in Mumbai, India.

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The Airbus A319 was being moved from an airport gate on Wednesday when the pilot misinterpreted a signal and switched the plane’s engine on by mistake, according to Air India chief Ashwani Lohani.

The signal sent technician Ravi Subramanian through the aircraft and killed him instantly, Lohani said.

Subramanian was working on equipment that was guiding the plane when he was sucked into the engine.

The plane, which was full of passengers and was ready to travel on a domestic flight from Mumbai to Hyderabad, was pushed back from the gate.

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The company released a statement on Facebook about the tragedy:


AI CMD Mr. Ashwani Lohani said we are deeply saddened & regret the tragic incident at BOM apt yesterday evening when an...

Posted by Air India on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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