San Bernardino Shooters Buried After Several Graveyards Refused to Take Their Bodies

The couple was interred in a Muslim ceremony attended by just 10 people.

The terrorist couple who carried out California's San Bernardino shootings has been quietly buried in a secret grave.

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were interred Tuesday in Southern California after several Muslim cemeteries refused to accept the bodies, INSIDE EDITION has learned.

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Only 10 people attended the funeral, under the watchful eyes of FBI agents.

Meanwhile, Americans appear jittery this holiday season.

President Barack Obama tried to ease concerns Thursday as Christmas looms, and metal detectors have been installed at Florida theme parks. Security has also been beefed up at theaters readying for Friday’s “Star Wars” release.

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Over the weekend, two Sikhs say there were questioned and told by a security guard to remove their turbans at a  Denver Broncos - San Diego Chargers game.

They refused, saying it violated their religious freedom. They were eventually allowed into the game, but say they were told not wear turbans again to the San Diego stadium.

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