Mom Defends Buying 300 Gifts, Insists She's Always Shopping for Bargains

Emma Tapping tells INSIDE EDITION that her two daughters will be getting 85 presents each.

The woman who had a Christmas tree surrounded by more than 300 gifts is speaking to INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent after she was labeled “materialistic” on social media.

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Trent asked Emma Tapping, the British mother of three: “How many gifts do each of your children get?”

“The girls have got about 85 each,” she replied. “My son, has got about 30.”

Emma wants the holiday haters to know she's constantly on the hunt for bargains and the 300 gifts covering her Christmas tree cost about $2,000.

After she posted the photo on social media parents blasted her.


Will i post another pic of my tree? You bet your grandmas nipples i will. Seeing as my picture has gone viral (without...

Posted by Emma Tapping on Saturday, December 5, 2015

"Just remember there are a lot of children who won't get much," wrote one critic.

Others posted the picture with the hashtag #TooManyPresents.

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Trent went shopping with Emma at Fantasitc Kids Toys in New York City. There she found Lego’s for 40 percent off.

Trent asked her: “You think you would do this again next year?”

“I wouldn't let anybody tell me how to spend my Christmas with my children,” she said. “Who doesn't want to make their child smile at Christmas?”

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