These Commuters Hosted an Epic Christmas Party on Their Train to Work

A group of commuters hosted a Christmas party on the train ride to work.

A group of commuters in Wales found a way to make the morning journey far more bearable during the holidays by hosting an epic Christmas party on the way to work.

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Six people, who have been traveling with each other every morning for a few years now, threw a party - complete with Christmas snacks and bubbly - while aboard the train on Friday.

Riders Allan Wilson, Chris Lines, Sian Grainger, Jon Gruffydd, Jeremy Powell and Cellan Michael all enjoyed the special breakfast while on the 40-minute journey last week.

Powell came up with the idea while the friends compared notes on their Christmas parties.

Chris Lines told INSIDE EDITION that even other commuters joined in on the fun.

“There was a stranger sitting on our table working at his laptop. We offered him a drink and some food. We shared food and drink along the carriage so lots joined in the fun,” he said.

Cellan Michael echoed the sentiment, telling INSIDE EDITION: “They did indeed - we over-catered so there was food to share and a couple of spare seats at the tables we had which were quickly occupied. It brought a smile to everyone's face so went along with the spirit of it.”

The train conductors took no issue with the festivities.

The group said they only hang out with each other when they are on the train.

Michael explained: “We're just a bunch of people who just know each other from the train and share a good chat each day rather than hiding behind papers or phones or laptops."

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Lines added: “I didn't even know of some of the surnames until they were in the papers!”

This is the first time the group has done something like this and they are unsure if it will be an annual event but Lines has advice for other commuters around the world: “If there's a reason to celebrate and bring some fun to a journey, anyone could give it a go!”

Michael is currently raising money to protect the Gola Rainforest in Sierra Leone. For more information and to donate, click here.

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