Prankster Freezes Himself in Carbonite Just Like Han Solo

Just like Han Solo, a magician has frozen himself in carbonite to prank a few unsuspecting people.

Notorious YouTube prankster Magic Of Rahat decided to put his own spin on the iconic Star Wars moment when Han Solo is frozen in carbonite.

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In his latest video, he ran around a park pretending to need the bathroom, before running into a Porta Potty.

Suddenly, an explosion sends the Porta Potty's door flying and reveals Rahat's frozen image.

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But he certainly didn't look as heroic as Han Solo when he was frozen in the fictitious substance in Empire Strikes Back.

Instead, Rahat was seen on the toilet with his pants around his ankles with a stressful expression on his face.

Surprisingly, most people were pretty unfazed by what was going on and kept walking.

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