Watch This One-Handed College Basketball Player Score His First Basket

Zach Hodskins, a walk-on for the University of Florida Gators, made his first basket in two years and got a standing ovation on Tuesday.

A college basketball player who was born with only one hand landed his first basket in two years this week.

Zach Hodskins, a shooting guard at the University of Florida, sank a layup in the closing moments of the game against Jacksonville on Tuesday.

The sophomore walk-on made the shot despite getting fouled in the process and received a jubilant ovation.

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"Really happy for Zach, a great young man, obviously overcoming an unbelievable adversity," Coach Mike White told ESPN. "He's a very, very likable young man. You could tell by the decibel level in the O'Dome when he scored. It was a fun moment for our team and for Zach. Proud for him, happy for him."

Hodskins was 0-for-2 shooting as a freshman and missed his first three shots this season, according to ESPN.

Although he missed his foul shots, Hodskins' teammates were proud of him Tuesday.

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"I was here last year, and he never scored. I'm just happy he got it," said his teammate Dorian Finney-Smith. "He can shoot it, so I'm just happy he got that evil man hanging on the rim and knocking his balls out."

Hodskins was born without a left hand due to a birth defect. A Kentucky native, he's been with the Gators since signing in 2013.

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