Kindhearted Cops Give Motorists Cash, Christmas Gifts Instead of Tickets

Police officers are bringing holiday cheer to highways and homes across the country.

Drivers around the country being pulled over by cops this holiday season have been surprised to find they weren't being handed a ticket, but instead a gift. 

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In Oregon, an anonymous donor gave the police department a stack of $100 bills to hand out at random.

When Sadie Jobe was pulled over, she thought she was in trouble but instead was given a gift.

“It's a special kind of good cheer they are spreading,” she said.

One young woman was so moved she gave the officer a huge hug and said: “this helps out so much, you have no idea.”

Oregon's City of Molalla Police Chief Rod Lucich told INSIDE EDITION: “It's just a blessing to be part of that to make someone's day.”

In Oklahoma, the police have been on the lookout for dinged up cars with broken tail lights and cracked windshields. Rather than pull someone over to give the driver a ticket, they've handed out gift bags filled with food.

Police told one driver: “We'd like to bless you with an entire Christmas dinner.”

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In Tulsa, police cars are like Santa’s sleigh filled with toys being handed out to children.

In Memphis, Tennessee one woman was stopped for speeding and the officer asked her what she wanted for Christmas.

She said she needed a microwave.

When the officer went back to the patrol car to pretend he was running her plate, the officer talked to his elves at Walmart who grabbed a microwave, gift wrapped it and delivered it right to the woman's car.

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