World's Best Husband Tracks Down the Camper His Wife Once Used With Her Late Dad

Karis Farish was left speechless when her husband traveled across the country and returned with the her father's old camper.

An unsuspecting woman received the gift of a lifetime from her husband when he surprised her with the long-lost vacation camper of her childhood, and with it precious memories of road trips with her late father, just in time for Christmas.

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Karis Farish's dad, an Arkansas State Trooper, was tragically killed in a car accident when she was just 12 years old. The family never used the camper again and it was given away.

She told INSIDE EDITION: “All the good things that I remember doing with my dad as a kid before he passed away were lived in the camper.”

Her husband Micah sought out the camper so they could make the same kind of precious memories with their two kids, but finding it 15 years later proved nearly impossible.

“It was basically gone and there wasn't any hope to get it back,” he said.

Micah found the camper's vehicle identification number among some old paperwork and learned it was now registered to a couple in California.

He told his wife a little white lie that he was going away to a bachelor party, and instead he flew to California to buy back the beloved camper and bring it home.

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“I grabbed her and said: ‘Hey, I got a surprise for you. Come outside.’ I didn’t really give her time to process it,” he said.

She couldn't believe her eyes.

I had no clue. I was in shock for like three days. I instantly started sobbing. I was so overwhelmed with emotion,” she said. “We went camping immediately.”

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