Cops: Man Crashes His Speeding Car into Stores While Trying to Enter a 'Time Portal'

Police say a man crashed into two Florida stores trying to enter a 'time portal.'

Police say a man told them he was attempting to “enter a time portal” when he crashed his car into a row of stores.

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The 40-year-old unnamed Nashville man was apparently attempting his best Marty McFly impression when he smashed into the shops in Pensacola, Florida.

When officers approached the driver, he was unharmed and wearing a seatbelt, according to reports. He was apparently talking about time travel as well.

In a crash report, the driver told police “that he was driving at high speeds on the interstate in an attempt to enter a time portal.”

Drugs and alcohol were not suspected in the crash.

Luckily, the stores, Advanced Tax Service and Pensacola Caskets, were empty and no one was injured. The stores have been closed since the accidents.

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Emanuel Mores, general manager of Advanced Tax Services, told News3LV: “It looked like a bomb went off.”

He added: “I was mad, then eventually I was happy no one was hurt. You know, that was my biggest concern 'cause, you know, if anyone was hurt, anybody could have died or whatever.”

The police issued the driver a citation for reckless driving. He is in the hospital for evaluation.

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