Looking Back at the Stories of 2015 That Made Headlines

INSIDE EDITION looks back at the biggest news stories of the year.

From harrowing headlines to stunning revelations, 2015 was a year for the history books.

INSIDE EDITION looked back at the news moments that defined the year that was.

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Earlier this month, the husband and wife terrorist team of Syed Farook and Tafsheen Malik, opened fire at a holiday party, killing 14 innocent people before being taken down by local police in a shootout in San Bernardino, California.

Just weeks before the attacks in San Bernardino, the world was stunned to see the horror that devastated Paris when terrorists attacked the City of Lights at six different locations–  killing 130 people and seriously injuring dozens more.

This year when Charlie Sheen shocked many when he said in November that he was HIV positive. Sheen said he has been living with the diagnosis for four years.

The year will also be remembered as the year of Caitlyn Jenner, who became a transgender icon.

Candidates geared up and headed out on the campaign trail, as both Republicans and Democrats vie to be the next president.

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No candidate caused more of a sensation than Donald Trump, when he announced he was running for office in June. Since then, Trump has dominated the headlines and the polls.

Only 2016 will tell how the heated election will play out.

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