Watch A Homeless Dog with Life-Threatening Wound Make Shocking Recovery

A homeless dog in India made a transformation after it was saved from it's life-threatening wound and rescued in the nick of time.

A helpless street dog in India was suffering from such a severe neck wound, she would have died within the next few days if she didn't get treatment.

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Animal Aid Unlimited came to the rescue of the starving dying puppy.

The poor dog had a giant wound on her neck that stretched from her shoulders to the back of head, and was infested with maggots.

When her rescuers found her, it appeared that it had been days since the dog had eaten.

Once at the shelter her neck wound was given much needed medical care and all of her issues were treated.

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One month later, the pup’s neck is almost as good as new and she's back to her old self.

For more information on Animal Aid Unlimited which rescues and treats hundreds of animals in India, click here.

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