Why Was This Goat 'Shot' On the Side of the Road?

A goat in Australia was shot on the side of the road by a tranquilizer dart and brought to an sanctuary.

A goat in Australia was shot on the side of the road but it was part of a bigger plan to save his life.

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The escaped goat had been living by the side of the busy highway for a few months, when animal rescue organization stepped in.

Manfred Zabinskas from Five Freedoms Animal Rescue worked with Edgar's Mission to safely relocate the goat from the side of the highway to a farm for rescued animals.

In order to save the goat, he shot the animal in the shoulder with a tranquilizer gun. After the sedative kicked in, the team went in and picked him up.

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The team relocated the animal to Edgar's Mission Sanctuary and Rehabilitation Center for rescued farm animals where he can now roam around without the fear of buses or trucks coming his way.

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