Cops: Heavy Metal Fan Throws Beer Bottle at Bartender for Turning on Christmas Music

One man was upset that the music changed from Black Sabbath to Christmas music at a bar.

A man in Madison, Wisconsin was arrested after he allegedly threw a beer bottle at a bartender after the music inside the bar was changed, according to reports.

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Christopher Gamboek, 33, was inside the Farm Tavern Bar on Christmas Eve and became upset when the bartender changed the music from Black Sabbath to more festive tunes geared toward the holiday season.

Cops say Gamboek swore at the bartender after chugging a beer and then threw the bottle at the employee.

According to police, other patrons said that Gamboek was intoxicated and violent.

Patrons intervened after the alleged assailant attempted to go behind the counter, circling the bar with his fists clenched, cops said.

Gamboek’s uncle was able to direct his nephew to the exit of the bar.

As he left, police say he pulled down a Christmas tree and broke several ornaments.

When police arrived on the scene, he was threatened with a Taser before being taken into custody.

He also said obscenities to the officers before he was taken to Dane County Jail.

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He was charged with two misdemeanors of disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property.

He pled not guilty to the charges on Wednesday and no attorney has been listed for him, the court told INSIDE EDITION.

He was released on bond.

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