Jerry Seinfeld Takes President Obama For a Hilarious Drive in Web Series Season Opener

Jerry Seinfeld had a special guest for his latest episode of 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.'

Jerry Seinfeld had a pretty special guest on the season opener for the comic's web series, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee – President Barack Obama.

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According to the comedic legend, the Commander in Chief has gotten off with just enough funny lines to appear on the show.

For the special episode, Seinfeld showed up to the White House in a 1963 Corvette Stingray, surprising the president by creeping around the bushes outside the Oval Office and knocking on the windows.

“I got some stuff to do," Obama said as Seinfeld walked into the office, leaving the funny man to entertain himself by eating an apple as he waited on a couch.

The pair then hopped into the car and drove around—the property, that is— and had some friendly banter.

Obama told Seinfeld: “I do really well with the zero-to-eight demographic. They love me because my ears are big and I look like a cartoon character. Little kids love saying my name.”

Seinfeld asked Obama: “What is the one thing you would love to be doing but can’t?”

“I would love to be taking a walk and bump into you, sitting on a park bench,” Obama replied as Seinfeld couldn't contain his laughter.

While Obama said he treasures anonymity, Seinfeld quipped: “I remember not being famous; it wasn’t that great.”

Obama also showed off his highly secure wheels, “The Beast,” which is part of the president’s security detail.

Typically, the comic drives his guests around before heading to a coffee shop, but their ambitions to leave the White House grounds was cut short by security.

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Since taking the leader of the free world away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is harder than they hoped for, the pair headed down to the White House’s kitchen for a cup of coffee, brewed by Seinfeld.

But before their coffee was over, the president took some time to pitch Obamacare.

“Usually I only do these things to mention Obamacare. Please try Obamacare today," he said.

And before the episode was over Obama finally got his chance to drive the Stingray.

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