The World's Largest McDonald's Closed, Only to Make Room For a Bigger One

The world's largest McDonald's closed only to reopen and become even larger.

A Florida McDonald’s is closing its doors only to super-size itself and make room for a larger restaurant from the chain.

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The famed “World’s Largest McDonald’s” in Orlando on I-95 has been a tourist staple since it opened in 1976.

It served its final fries and burgers on Wednesday when it closed its doors to be torn down to make way for a bigger McDonald’s that is slated to open in February.

The new establishment will be 19,000-square-feet and will be next door to where the original building once stood.

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A “new, state-of-the-art replacement restaurant nears completion," said officials with Oerther Foods, Inc., the company that owns and operates the restaurant to the Orlando Sentinel.

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