Cops: Four People Shot to Death in Fight Over Washing Machine; Gunman Was Killed by Son

Son shoots father to death after dad kills three people in dispute over a washing machine, authorities say.

Four people in Los Angeles County were shot to death in a home where an argument broke out over the use of a washing machine, authorities said.

Christopher Morey, 33, dialed 911 New Year's Eve  night to report a shooting at his home – the dead included his 54-year-old mother, his 48-year-old girlfriend, a 27-year-old friend and his 54-year-old father, who Morey shot after wrestling the gun away, according to Sheriff's deputies.

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All involved had been drinking alcohol, and the father apparently opened fire after a disagreement about the washing machine, sheriff's Lt. John Corina told the Los Angeles Times.

Morey was arrested on charges of murder and was being held in lieu of $1 million bail, Corina said. The father allegedly opened fire after arguing with his son's girlfriend over the family washing machined, authorities said. 

"We'll see what the D.A. wants to do," he said. "We're going to book him for what he did – he killed another human being."

Officials say the #RowlandHeights family had been drinking before the shootings @KNX1070 @CBSLA

- Jon Baird (@KNXBaird) January 1, 2016

 Deputies had been to the suburban ranch house 25 times in the past three years because of disturbance calls, authorities said.

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The mother of the dead 27-year-old identified her son as Ernesto Calzadilla, a friend of the son, the paper reported. Neighbors said Morey's mother had been bedridden following a series of strokes, and the family cared for her at home.

Neighbors also described the father as a hard drinker who owned many guns, the paper said.

Calzadilla's brother, Wilfred, said the family warned Ernesto to stay away from the house after the father pulled a gun on Ernesto several times and once fired it at him.

But Ernesto Calzadillo was upset about losing his job and would often go over to have dinner and beers with Morey and his girlfriend.

"They were generous," said Wilfred Calzadilla, "They saw he was sad."

The names of the other victims have not been released by authorities.

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