Rescue Dog Born Without Front Paws Gets Brand New Set Of 3D Printed Legs

Dog born without front paws and small deformed legs is running around thanks to new set of 3D-printed prosthetics.

Derby the dog is running around again at full speed, thanks to a brand new set of prosthetic legs.

The pup was born without front paws and small deformed legs, which forced him to crawl and walk on his hind legs.

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Derby’s life was forever changed in 2014, when 3D Systems gave him his first set of 3D printed paws.

While the custom-made prosthetic legs, allowed him to run around on all fours, they left the pup hunched over and unable to sit and stand properly.

Derby's first pair of prosthetics was not only a concept test for the feasibility of the overall design, it also started the process of acclimating Derby to a new elevation," 3D Systems wrote in a blog post update on Derby's progress.

3D Systems designer Tara Anderson created a brand design for the pup’s prosthetic legs, to allow him more mobility.

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Thanks to the brand new set of 3D printed legs Derby’s lifestyle got serious upgrade! The new legs allow him to walk, run and sit like a regular dog.

"He's sitting like a real dog sits," Derby’s owner Sherry Portanova said.

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