Woman Who Lost 246 Pounds Reveals Her Loose, Sagging Skin

Megan Boeh once tipped the scales at 430 pounds.

A woman who once tipped the scales at 430 pounds is revealing her incredible transformation after shedding more than half her body weight.

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Megan Boeh, a 34-year-old hair stylist from Missouri, shares her story on the new TLC series Skin Tight.

Five years ago, she tipped the scales at 430 pounds and wore a size 38 pants.

She then underwent gastric bypass surgery and dropped an astounding 246 pounds. After that dramatic weight loss, she was left with loose, sagging skin across her legs and stomach.

“It's embarrassing to be able to hold and pull on my skin in the way that I can,” she said. “The skin that I had it used to cause a lot of pain, I lot of lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain."

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She underwent another surgery to remove 42 pounds of excess skin.

Megan's husband said: “She was definitely beautiful beforehand and now she is absolutely fabulous.”

Her final new look will be revealed on Skin Tight, premiering Wednesday night.

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