Bikini-Clad Grandma Who Was Busted for DUI Is Arrested Again

Patricia Ebel was wearing nothing but a bikini when she crashed her car last year.

The hot granny in a striped bikini who was busted for drunk driving last April was arrested again.

This time, Patricia Ebel was busted by her probation officer, who gave her a breathalyzer test on Tuesday, which officials said she failed.

Ebel was immediately rearrested and thrown into jail, where she is being held without bond until a future court hearing.

In her first bust, the curvaceous blond grandma took a sobriety test following the car crash. She had rammed her luxury BMW into a red Mustang in Florida. 

Cops say she reeked of alcohol and failed every sobriety test they gave her.

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Worse yet, she'd just spent the day swimming with her 10-year-old grandson who stood by helplessly while grandma was seen fixing her hair.

She even seemed to be flirting with cops. Luckily, no one was hurt in the crash.

As she was being led away, cops asked her, "Ma'am, do you know why you're going to jail?"

She replied, "No."

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Granny had pleaded no contest to DUI. She was given one year probation and ordered to stay off of the booze.

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