Watch Heavy Metal Singer Scream Out Shepherd's Pie Cooking Recipe

A heavy metal singer demonstrated how to make shepherd's pie.

A heavy metal singer took cooking to a whole new level with an unusually hardcore YouTube video demonstrating how to make shepherd's pie.

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Linzey Rae, the lead singer of Denver-based metal band, The Anchor, provides step-by-step instructions for making the traditional dish.  

The demure-looking metal head instructed how to cook up the pie with a hilarious parody of the song, The Great Unknown, by the band, The Ghost Inside. “WE’RE COOKING!!!” she screams at one point.

Asked how she came up with the idea, she told INSIDE EDITION: "We were in the studio and someone was going to order Chinese food for dinner. They asked me what I wanted to eat and I screamed, 'Crab cheese wantons!' which created a running joke.

"Our friend made a joke saying that I could write a recipe into one of our songs. Then the idea sort of grew from there."

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After touching up her makeup at one point, she explained in an uncomfortably high pitch: “Home-cooked meals do less to my thighs. I made shepherd’s pie.”

Subtitles are provided, just in case you can’t understand her screechy instructions. “SPREAD BUTTER EVERYWHERE!!!” she yells.

While the video has gotten lots of laughs, Rae had a serious reason for creating it. She posted it to raise money for The Ghost Inside, after the band members were seriously injured in a tour bus accident. 

Asked if she has any more videos in mind, she said: "We have more on the way. We're pretty sure we're going to be making a birthday cake in the next video."

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