14-Year-Old Elected Student Body President at California College: 'Age Is Just A Number'

Vivian Yee, 14, started college at age 12 after testing out of the 7th grade and has been thriving ever since.

Just call her madame president. 

Vivian Yee has been acing her coursework at Los Angeles Pierce College in Woodland Hills, California, with a 3.95 GPA. Then, she ran to be the president of the college's Associated Students Organization — and won.

All the more amazing? Vivian is only 14 years old. She started at Pierce after testing out of the seventh grade when she was just 12. 

"I feel like age is really just a number," Vivian told Los Angeles affiliate KCBS.

But when Vivian first started classes, she worried about fitting in with the 20,000 older students on campus. 

"I was so nervous the first day coming here," Vivian told the station. "The night before, I was looking though clothes trying to find something to make me look older." 

Her mother, Lillian Yee, felt the same way when she sent Vivian off to her freshman year at the same time as her 18-year-old son. 

"I think sometimes people wonder, 'Oh, she looks kinda young,' but then she would try and blend in and not really reveal her age until later," Lillian told KCBS. "She’s made some pretty good friends." 

With one semester left at Pierce, Vivian has set her sights on starting university and pursuing a career as a medical geologist.