Shoplifter Bites Off Walmart Worker's Finger While Stealing Condoms and Lube: Cops

Police in South Carolina say 23-year-old Carolynn Wright assaulted a loss prevention employee on Sunday while stealing lube, condoms and panties.

A South Carolina woman was arrested Sunday after police say she bit off part of a Walmart employee's finger as the worker tried to stop her from stealing an assortment of condoms, panties and sexual lubricant.

According to police in Myrtle Beach, Carolynn Wright concealed about $40 worth of merchandise on her person and attempted to flee the store.

When the 23-year-old woman made for the door, two female loss prevention officers employed by Walmart went after her.

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Police say the undaunted Wright punched one of the employees in the head and bit the other's finger so hard that part of it came off.

Wright then fled the store, according to the report from the Myrtle Beach Police. She allegedly also punched a customer in the face after she tried to call 911.

Police arrived as Wright and the 71-year-old van driver--who told police he had no idea what Wright had allegedly done inside the store--were blocked from driving away by a bystander.

According to The Smoking Gun,  the driver told police Wright had gone into the store “to make a purchase,” and that when she returned she demanded multiple times for him to "Drive!"

The victim whose finger was bitten was rushed to a hospital, but the fingertip could not be reattached, according to police.

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Wright now faces first degree assault and battery charges. 

According to The Smoking Gun, Sunday's altercation wasn't Wright's first.

In March, Wright--who was then employed as a stripper--pleaded guilty to assaulting a fellow dancer with a “clear plastic high-heeled shoe.”

Wright was sentenced to six days in jail and ordered to pay fines totaling $173.90.

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